Why Choose CoachRail?

CoachRail is an easy-to-use reservation software designed to simplify the way you manage your charter bus company and interact with your clients.

  • Our software effortlessly streamlines all of your business’s activities into one consolidated platform to enhance your business, not disrupt it.
  • With CoachRail, you can manage reservations, track your fleet, process payments, and keep up with your day-to-day functions all from one place.

Easy to Integrate

Once you’ve created your CoachRail account, integrating the software into your business’s onboarding process is fast and simple. Our team will provide you with training and insights to ensure that you get the most out of your software. You’ll be using CoachRail like a pro in no time.

Easy to Customize

Once you upload your company’s logo into CoachRail, it’s automatically added to all of your client-facing documents and emails. Keep your branding consistent as you reach out to customers through your software. We can also add personalized features to your specific software, customizing your CoachRail experience to your business.

Easy to Use

CoachRail simple design makes it easy to sort through vital aspects of your business. Instead of sifting through countless documents, emails, and spreadsheets, you can access and manage past quotes, current trips, and affiliated partners in one place. With all of your trips, farm-outs, and affiliates consolidated onto one platform, managing every aspect of your business is easy and efficient.

Easy to Track

Archive past trips, schedule future trips, and track current trips from your CoachRail software to give you complete, round-the-clock control of your fleet. Know which trips are progressing with your company’s buses and which are progressing with farm-outs, helping you to monitor every bus in your extended network.

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