CoachRail Case Study: TranSouth Motorcoach

Near the end of our interview with Kim Halstead, a compliance consultant for TranSouth Motorcoach, Kim said of CoachRail, “So it’s a complete package to walk you through the process of securing your trip. It’s transparent.”

That quote gets to the heart of the problem TranSouth Logistics faced before CoachRail: their process wasn’t transparent. Information that drivers and office staff needed was buried in stacks of paper, in file folders, or in long series of emails.

Since TranSouth started using CoachRail, they’ve been able to store and share information in a single app. Here’s how CoachRail has helped this successful transportation company tackle some of their biggest challenges and communicate more clearly.

TranSouth bus

The Challenges


Creating quotes took too much time and involved confusing paperwork.



CoachRail’s quote-building tool makes creating quotes much faster and easier.

Quoting tool in CoachRail

Kim described how the quote-building process used to take a lot of time and involve stacks of paper covered in information. “The phones would be ringing off the hook. We’d take (a caller’s) name and number and say, ‘I’ll have a quote to you by the end of the day.’ We’d just have layers and layers and layers of quotes.” The team would then rush to create all the quotes, hoping no info got lost along the way.

With CoachRail, they can build the quote while on the phone with the customer. CoachRail’s quote-building tool comes with preloaded rates and automatically sends a quote email once the information is loaded in. “So this streamlines the process, takes away so much time that we’d have involved,” Kim said. “Just get the additional information, get the quote out, done.”


Customers would get stuck in the phase between receiving a quote and actually booking their trip.



CoachRail guides customers through the process so there’s no delay between receiving a quote and confirming it.

Kim spent a lot of time during our interview talking about how customers would request a quote but then not fill out the reservation form that was later emailed or faxed to them. This led to confusion over whether they actually wanted to book a trip or not, and the TranSouth office staff had so much on their plates that it was hard to check back in.

“And we’ve run into this problem in the past that we have that trip on our dispatch, but the customers never signed a reservation form because we’d moved onto something else while waiting for customers to complete the process,” Kim said.

CoachRail quote emails contain a “Reserve Now” button or an attached PDF, according to the bus company’s preference. And if the customer doesn’t click the button or send the PDF back, the office staff can tell because the quote will show up as unconverted in CoachRail.

“Everything is computer based. We can do the quote and then turn it over to an actual reservation. It’s like one-stop shopping instead of having to waste a lot of time,” Kim said of CoachRail.

Book Now email


Drivers and passengers had trouble communicating with one another and the front office.



CoachRail sends regular updates to customers and drivers so they know what’s going on.

Tracking feature

Kim credits CoachRail for making sure that “everybody’s more involved in the process. The driver and the customer.” On the customers’ end, they can get notifications when their driver is on the way to pick them up so they don’t have to call the front office. This appeals to many customers who “are very tech savvy now.”

CoachRail also gives the drivers more control. When they’re assigned a trip, drivers will get a notification via CoachRail. “They accept the trip, they know they’ve got the trip, it’s on their smartphone. And that’s it,” Kim says.

This reduces the amount of paper TranSouth has to use printing out driver’s orders. “And so this will save us money as far as that’s concerned, save a tree, and again have our drivers have more of a buy-in, an understanding of the process.” It also means both drivers and customers will have to spend less time on the phone with the front office, asking for details about a trip.


TranSouth wanted more feedback from their customers.



CoachRail automatically sends a survey for customers to complete after each trip.

Kim also craved more feedback from customers. “I feel, and some of my peers--that a trip really is not complete until we get some kinda survey out there,” Kim said. “We want to know how our drivers are doing. We want to know about our customer experience because there’s always room for improvement in any process.”

CoachRail automatically sends a survey to customers after the trip is completed so TranSouth has easy access to that information. “We’re not just selling a seat on a bus. We’re selling an experience,” Kim notes when talking about the importance of these surveys.

"And we want that to be a pleasant experience in every aspect: the cleanliness of the bus, the courteousness of the driver, them knowing the route. The interaction with the customer and our driver. We want to know what’s going on. We want to know what’s taking place."

CoachRail surveys give TranSouth a window into their customers’ experiences. The company can hear from customers in their own words without needing to create or send out a separate survey for each trip.

Review email for CoachRail

How CoachRail Has Helped TranSouth Motorcoach

With quoting and reservation tools, updates for drivers and passengers, and customer surveys, CoachRail has helped TranSouth communicate more quickly and transparently. When asked to summarize CoachRail’s impact, Kim said, “Times are changing in the industry, and we’re getting a different type of clientele that are more tech-savvy. They wanted more from us, and we just didn’t know how to deliver. I think this (CoachRail) is the best solution to give them what they’re asking for.”

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