How to Track
Your Trips

CoachRail allows your drivers to track their trips using our mobile app.

Step 1

When you’re getting ready to drive, sign into the CoachRail mobile app.

Step 2

You can then click on the three lines in the top left-hand corner of the screen to open the menu.

Step 3

Click My Assignments from the list of options.

Step 4

You will be able to see all past, current, and future trips.   Click on the Today tab to show trips scheduled for the current day.

Step 5

Choose the desired itinerary from the list of assigned trips for today.

Step 6

Once you are ready to leave the garage to pick up the customer, click start trip.  You will be asked if you would like to use Auto-Complete.  We recommend turning this on to allow CoachRail to detect when you've arrived at a location and when you leave a location marked on the itinerary.  However, see the instructions below in case you decide not to take advantage of this feature.

Step 7

From here, you can select your preferred wayfinding app by clicking the blue circle icon on the lower-right of the screen.

Step 8

Once you reached the first pickup location click, Arrived at Pickup.

Step 9

If you need to get a signature when you pick up passengers, clock Get Signature. The primary passenger can sign to acknowledge the arrival of your driver.

Step 10

While a trip is active, CoachRail admins are able to use the Tracking page to see all concurrently active trips.  Selecting a specific vehicle from the map will show you that vehicle's progress towards the completion of a trip.

Step 11

As the driver, once you've arrived at each stop on the trip until you arrive at your final drop-off point. When you get to your final drop off, click Arrived at Drop Off.

Step 12

Finally, once you've arrived back at your garage, click End Trip. This will complete the trip on the mobile app and will update the web app for admins to see.

Step 13

CoachRail will automatically send a customer survey email to the trip's primary point of contact. And you’re done!