How to Organize Your Reservations and Use Dispatch

Keeping your reservations organized is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and a good customer experience.  CoachRail gives you tools to stay organized and dispatch reservations easily and accurately.

Step 1

You can see all of your reservations by clicking on Reservations on the navigation bar.

Reservations page in CoachRail’s mobile app

Reservations page in CoachRail’s web app


Click on a reservation’s ID number to view the reservation’s details. From here, you can:

Individual reservation on web app

Step 3

If you haven’t assigned a driver or a vehicle to the trip yet, it’s easy to do it while you’re looking at the individual reservation

It's important to assign your drivers at least 24 hours prior to the trip so that your customer is able to receive the automated email that contains the assigned driver's first name and phone number.

Step 4

If you need more information before making a driver or vehicle assignment, this is where our Dispatch feature comes in.

Step 5

Click on Dispatch on the navigation bar.

Step 6

Once all of your reservations have been appropriately dispatched, you can use CoachRail's reservation overview screen to organize your trips.

Step 7

What you can see when you click on each reservation depends on your permissions. For example, if a user is set as a driver, they will not be able to see how much the customer paid for the trip. However, as an admin, you’ll be able to see it. Play around with the reservations page to discover everything you can see.