How to Download and Update the CoachRail Mobile App

CoachRail's mobile app can be a very powerful tool for admins, users, and drivers while in the field or on the road.  Using the app will give you access to many of the features available in the web app.


Downloading the app

Step 1

On your smartphone, go to the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android.)

Step 2

Go to search and type in CoachRail.

Step 3

Once you've found the CoachRail app, click Install

Step 4

When the app has finished installing, you’ll see an open button. Click open

The first time you open CoachRail on your phone, you’ll need to sign in with the same email and password you use to sign into CoachRail on your computer.

Step 5

CoachRail will open, and you will have access to Quotes, Reservations, Tracking, and Lead Feed.

Step 6

When we release an update to the CoachRail app, you’ll need to download it. If you ever experience problems with the app, check for an update.

Sometimes you will see a signal that you need to update the app, such as a red number next to the app store button. But it’s okay if you don’t get an alert. You can still download the update.

Step 7

Go to the App or Play Store and search for CoachRail the same way you did when you installed it. Click update.

Helping your drivers get the app

Step 8

When you add a driver in CoachRail, they’ll receive an email that gives them a link to the App Store or Play Store. The email will also tell them how to create a password.


Step 9

Using steps 1-5 from above, your drivers will be able to install the app

The driver’s username for the app will be the email listed for them in the Users or Drivers sections of CoachRail

When drivers log into the app, they will have the ability to see all of the past, present, and future trips that have been assigned to them.

Step 10

The process of updating the app is the same for all users. Just follow steps 7 and 8, and you’re done!