How to Create a Quote

Turning a quote around quickly is vital for winning new business. CoachRail's intelligent software allows you to quote quickly and accurately, so you can convert more prospects into customers.

Step 1

Log into CoachRail and click on Quotes on the blue left-hand menu. When the quotes page comes up, click on the Add New button.

Step 2

Fill in the customer’s details. If the customer already exists CoachRail, you can pick them from the suggested list that will populate as you type.

If the customer is new, CoachRail will add them as a new customer. You’ll need to enter:

Step 3

Once you’ve selected your customer, fill in the Trip Details section. You’ll need to enter:

Step 4

Now add all stops for the trip.


Step 5

Choose the Garage where the bus will be leaving from.

Step 6

Click on the Payment tab. Select whether you want to use your hourly, daily, or per-mile rate.

Step 7

If you need to add any notes to the customer, click on the Notes button and then type them in.

Step 8

At the bottom of the page, you should now see the Quote Total as well as the Total Due Today.

When the customer gets the email, they can click on View Quote to see all of their quote information.  If you are integrated with our payment partners, your customers will be able to make online payments directly from the quote email as well.