How to Bid on Trips in Lead Feed

In addition to helping you organize and track the trips you’ve already got, CoachRail can help you find new business with our Lead Feed feature.

Step 1

Click Lead Feed on the navigation bar.

Step 2

You’ll see a list of all the trips that are open for bidding.

Step 3

You can filter shown results by selecting your desired markets:

To filter on the web app, click on Filter Market at the top of the page. You’ll see a list of cities. Check the box next to markets you'd like to access for bidding.


Step 4

Once you find a trip you’d like to bid on, click on Continue

Step 5

View the itinerary's key data then decide how much you'd like to bid.

Step 6

If the trip sounds like a good fit for you, click Make Offer.

Enter the desired bid amount

If there are any special notes to be entered that the referring partner should view, you can enter those.

Once ready, click Submit.


Step 7

You can view all of the bids you’ve submitted but haven’t won yet by clicking on Pending at the top of the Lead Feed page

If the bidding process is still open for a trip you've bid on, you can edit your bid if desired.

Step 8

When you win a bid, the following things will happen:

The trip will automatically be added to your Reservations.

The trip will appear under the Awarded tab on Lead Feed.

You’ll get an email saying you’ve won the trip.

Step 9

When you win a trip, log into CoachRail and go to the Reservations page.

Click the orange symbol under the Actions column that will be on the same row as the newly won reservation

You can then click “Accept” or “Reject.”

If you accept, you’ll need to assign a driver and a vehicle

Step 10

If the orange icon has turned green, and you've assigned a driver and vehicle to the reservation, then you are all set!