Lead Feed

Our Newest Solution for Generating More Leads

Find more opportunities and help scale your company without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Lead Feed is a powerful addition to your existing business practices that allows you to passively generate more business.

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What is Lead Feed?

Lead Feed will bring opportunities to your charter bus business. It populates potential customer trips directly to the app so you can view and submit quotes for them. Just browse the region where you’re seeking to accept new business and offer a price point for the jobs you like. When you’ve won a new trip, you’ll see a brand new reservation on your CoachRail app.

This feature is exclusive to CoachRail users. Anyone outside of the CoachRail network will not be able to submit quotes for jobs populated through Lead Feed. As a subscriber, you’ll have a top-tier opportunity to send quotes for potential customer trips that are right for your business.


With Lead Feed, you’ll...

Gain access to an exclusive
network of customers seeking
trips in your area.

Expand your reach with new opportunities across the United States and Canada.

Quickly submit offers with our easy-to-use platform that walks you through the process step by step.

How Lead Feed Works for You

Lead Feed for CoachRail is seamlessly integrated into your day-to-day operations to bring you opportunities.

See Trips in Regions Across
the Nation

Your Lead Feed will be populated with new trips from around the United States. Filter your view by regions specific to you, or browse every trip currently available for an offer.

Submit Offers for Customer-Defined Trips

Your board is populated with trips proposed directly by potential customers seeking group transportation. They define the details and submit the trip online, and you make an offer for them.

Email Notifications

You’ll receive an email notification whenever a trip you quoted is awarded to you. An email notification may also be sent for new trips added to Lead Feed that are high priority and need a quote as soon as possible, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Make an Offer or Book it Now

You can "Make an Offer" and send a custom price for the trip quickly and easily. Some trips will also have the option to “Book It Now.” This enables you to obtain the trip at the proposed price point and immediately add it to your reservation roster. All won business is automatically added to reservations management, eliminating the need to enter it manually.

Control & Manage Your Offers

After an offer is made, the trip becomes a pending job. When a job you made an offer on is agreed upon, it will be awarded and automatically added to your reservations.

Integrate Lead Feed for CoachRail into Your Daily Operations

Start using Lead Feed with your CoachRail application today.

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