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It’s never been easier to grow & manage your transportation business.
Learn more about how CoachRail can streamline your day-to-day business functions with our key features:

Fleet Tracking

CoachRail tracking technology allows you to closely follow each bus in your network. You’ll know when a trip has begun, how the trip is progressing, and when the trip has been completed, thanks to your CoachRail software.

Drivers can mark their current trip as “in progress” or “complete,” allowing you to keep track of their progress while also keeping clients informed of their trip status. With real-time tracking, clients can see exactly when their bus is due to arrive and communicate with their driver regarding delays and other unexpected circumstances.

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Payment API

Simplify your billing and invoicing with your CoachRail software. We make it easy for clients to securely submit online payments through eChecks, eliminating the need to collect payment information over the phone or via email.

White Label

Apply your brand’s unique logos to your CoachRail software to keep branding consistent across your company’s operations. All emails and documents sent to clients via CoachRail will include your company’s logo, helping you to build brand awareness with your customers.


Manage and control all of your farm-outs and partnerships in one easy-to-use platform. CoachRail consolidates all of your affiliates into one manageable space, making it easy to stay organized and book as many trips as possible.

& Web App

Access your business from the palm of your hand. CoachRail app allows you to track your ongoing bus trips in real-time so you can monitor each trip’s status as it progresses.