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CoachRail is packed with cutting-edge technology that works for you.
Work smarter to grow your business and improve your operations.

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Seamlessly Track Your Trips

Keep an eye on your drivers and vehicles with our real-time fleet tracking technology. Our AI-powered driver app allows your drivers to just focus on driving.

feature two

Intelligent Dispatch Software

Whether planning out trips in advance or managing today's schedule, our smart dispatch software works for you with assignment suggestions and advanced conflict detection.

feature three

Send Quotes in Minutes

Quickly generate new quotes, edit or duplicate existing ones in record speed with CoachRail's automated quote builder, integrated with Google Maps and our smart rates technology.

feature four

Manage Your Business On the Go

CoachRail is cloud-based and mobile-friendly, so you can log in from anywhere. Easily manage trips and send quotes from your smartphone using our iPhone or Android mobile apps.

feature five

Get More Leads & Opportunities

Keep your buses booked and busy with thousands of customer trip opportunities inside the CoachRail app. With Lead Feed, you’ll have the ability to see and bid on customer-requested trip opportunities that are right for your business.

feature six

Manage your customer relationships in one place

Keep track of quotes, reservations, and support tickets for each customer, and easily stay on top of your accounts receivables. 

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