CoachRail Case Study

Dale Williams is a 30-year transportation industry veteran and the owner of Williams Charters, a charter bus business based in Atlanta, Georgia. Williams Charters prides itself on having one of the newest motorcoach fleets in Georgia, with modern buses equipped with features like WiFi, electrical outlets, and reclining seats. By combining its stellar fleet with excellent service, Dale has consistently grown Williams Charters since its founding in 2006, and now operates trips throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The Biggest Challenge


As Dale's business grew, keeping track of his fleet became extremely challenging.



CoachRail's driver app automatically tracks trips, giving Dale full control of his fleet.


With multiple trips on any given day, Dale found himself constantly on the phone with his drivers, making sure they were on time. Dale used to have to print physical trip sheets and call his drivers whenever a change was made, resulting in wasted paper and human error. Customers would call multiple times to ask if their bus is on the way. Dispatchers would have to call drivers to get their location, resulting in lots of back-and-forth communications and a sub-par customer experience.


Using CoachRail's tracking, Dale now knows exactly where his buses are at all times. Dale's drivers can see their assigned trips, including the itinerary and notes, directly in the app. When a trip change is made, drivers are instantly notified via the app. Once a trip is started, Dale's customers receive an email that their bus is on the way. The CoachRail app provides drivers with turn-by-turn navigation (even using Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps), while CoachRail's Auto-complete feature tracks the trip in the background.

Dale has also found the tracking feature helpful when having to resolve trip disputes.

 I had a situation with a military run we do on a daily basis. One day my customer called to say the driver never showed up, but my driver said he picked up the passengers dropped them off. By using CoachRail's tracking feature to trace the driver's route, I found out that he went to the wrong pick-up location and then to our bus yard instead. So I was able to make sure we didn't bill a customer for a trip that didn't take place.

Prior to using CoachRail, Dale would have had to rely on the driver and customer accounts without any proof of what happened. Using CoahcRail's driver app and tracking, Dale now has full control of his fleet at all times.


Dale's always on the move but was forced to use a computer in his office, resulting in lost business and productivity.



CoachRail's cloud-based web application and mobile app allow Dale to run his business from anywhere.

According to Dale, CoachRail has “freed me up to run my business from anywhere with an internet connection. I carry my laptop with me and can access my CoachRail account on their website, and I can even do most tasks from my phone using the app.” Prior to using CoachRail, Dale was using a program that required a server setup and had to be run locally on his computer. This meant that whenever Dale needed to do anything for his business, he had to physically be in the office to use his computer.

As an owner-operator, Dale is constantly on the road, which meant often not having access to his old program. This would result in lost quotes and lots of inefficiencies in running his business, as Dale lacked instant visibility into his company's availability, existing reservations, or customer data. Using CoachRail, Dale has full access to his entire business, from anywhere with an internet connection or a cell signal. This means that Dale can now generate highly converting quotes, manage his drivers and vehicles, and take his business to the next level even while he's on the move. 


Dale's quoting process was informal, inconsistent, and inefficient, resulting in missed conversion opportunities.



CoachRail's quote-building tool is packed with smart technology that helps Dale send the right quotes faster.

Like many other operators, Dale did quoting the old-fashioned way, even though he knew that he could do much better using technology.

 Looking back at it, quoting used to take us way too long. I was the only one at the company that could quote since all of the pricing information was in my head. It used to take up a lot of my time also, as I would have to check Google Maps for distances and times, calculate the rates, find out if the customer has booked with me before, and then use my old email template to send out the quote. CoachRail does all of that for me, which has undoubtedly resulted in better quote conversion.

CoachRail's quote builder is packed with smart features like preloaded rates, Google Maps, preset markups, and discounts. As Dale inputs trip info, CoachRail automatically uses his standard rates and Google Maps to price the trip. CoachRail also keeps track of Dale's customers, allowing him to easily see their past activity, automatically layer on markups or discounts, and send out personalized emails in minutes. Customers receive the quote while the trip is still top of mind, and CoachRail's sleek checkout pages allow them to pay online, maximizing Dale's conversion. 

How CoachRail Has Helped Williams Charters

Since adopting CoachRail in 2019, Williams Charters has been able to track its fleet, communicate more clearly with drivers and passengers, and quickly send quotes, all from any computer or smartphone. With the use of cutting-edge technology, CoachRail empowers Dale to grow Williams Charters and do what he does best - provide excellent charter bus services to his customers.

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