We’re pleased to announce that CoachRail is making it easier than ever to manage your transportation business with our exciting new admin features! Our latest software release introduced three new features to help you get more out of your CoachRail application.

New Reservations Table View

It is no longer necessary to toggle between menu pages to view referred, upcoming, and completed reservations. With our latest software release, you can now monitor all of your referred, upcoming, in-progress, completed, and archived bookings in one convenient table view. To move between or select multiple reservation statuses, select the corresponding navigation button at the top of the screen.

By selecting “All” under the Reservations menu, trip reservation details are available at a glance. By clicking the quote id, you can expand the row and view additional reservation details such as travel time and itinerary.

Driver and Vehicle Photos Upload

Your in-house admin now can upload photos to driver and vehicle records. Look out for the ability to attach the photos of both the driver and vehicle to your booking confirmations in an upcoming software release.

Customer Ticketing System

Looking for a simple way to manage operational tasks and customer feedback? CoachRail’s easy-to-use ticketing system can help! Whether you’re following up on a customer complaint, organizing business tasks, or tracking cancellations, the ticketing tool can help you to create, manage, and sort back-office tasks with ease.

How Do I Access the Latest Features?

All of the latest CoachRail features are available now in the CoachRail desktop application. No software update or install is required.

What Else Can CoachRail Do for Me?

CoachRail is changing the way bus companies manage their transportation business. Our innovative fleet and business management tools help you to streamline your business operations and at the same time, grow and manage your travel business.

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to conveniently manage your quotes, reservations, drivers, and vehicles from your desktop computer or on the go.

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