CoachRail is starting the year with a number of brand-new features designed to remove the hassle of managing and growing your fleet. Our latest software release includes a brand new dispatch scheduling and management system, the ability to convert quotes in seconds, and other benefits.

Smart Dispatch

Now, you can quickly visualize your driver and vehicle availability through the Dispatch calendar view on your CoachRail dashboard. See which drivers and vehicles are available and easily plan for upcoming trips. With Smart Dispatch, you’re able to make informed decisions when sending out quotes, making offers in Lead Feed, or scheduling drivers, because you have all of the information you need right in front of you.

Convert Quotes in Seconds

CoachRail Quick Quote Approve

With Quick Approve, you can now send a quote to a client, collect payment outside the CoachRail system through other methods, and then approve that quote to convert it into a reservation. You can also accept payment methods outside of and approve them in your CoachRail application.

Ease of Use Benefits

You’ll also see a few improvements to your CoachRail experience with our latest update.

  • Use a new ‘Add Quote’ form for generating a quote.
  • Edit reservation itineraries after they’ve been made.
  • Edit and resend quotes as needed.

How Can I Get Started with CoachRail’s Newest Features?

CoachRail 2.0 is now available in the CoachRail desktop application. No software update or installation is required.

Dispatch Drivers and Fleets, Track Trips in Real Time

CoachRail is an all-in-one software for coach operators designed to keep your buses booked and busy. Manage reservations, track and dispatch drivers and fleets, watch trips in real time, make offers on new business, process payments, and keep up with your day-to-day functions, all from one platform.

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