When you’re the owner-operator of a charter bus company, you can’t always be at your desk. But you also can’t afford to lose business because you weren’t at your desk when a customer requested a trip. That’s why we built the new CoachRail mobile app. CoachRail helps bus operators run their business without needing to be in the office.

Our mobile app stores all of your company’s information in the cloud, so you can access the info available on your desktop on your smartphone. View the trips customers have requested, create a quote for those trips, and win the business from your phone or tablet.

But CoachRail doesn’t only help you win trips. It’s an all-in-one mobile software application for charter bus operators. That means you can use the app to organize information about your drivers, buses, and garages; assign drivers and buses to specific trips; and keep track of payments–all from your smartphone. Just make sure you have the most recent version of the app installed, and get to work.

Want to learn more about how managing your company remotely can make your life easier and help you book more trips? Here are three ways the CoachRail mobile app can help your business run more smoothly.

1. Storing your information in the cloud makes it easy to find.

There’s a lot of information you need to keep track of in order to successfully run your charter bus company. You could store all of your driver, vehicle, garage, and reservation information in different spreadsheets. But that requires remembering where all of your documents are, keeping all of them updated, and being in the office so you can find them on paper or on your computer.

And what about keeping track of payments? CoachRail’s mobile app can help with that too. When a customer sends you payment, you can mark that they’ve done so and move the trip to Reservations so you can view it easily.

Easily check on your upcoming reservations with CoachRail

2. You can win new business no matter where you are.

Speaking of finding and booking trips—the CoachRail app has a feature called Lead Feed, which allows you to view and bid on upcoming trips. You can then build a quote and send that quote to the customer, all within the app. We even store your company rates to make building quotes faster (though you can still adjust them to account for special circumstances).

If the customer accepts your quote, you can add the trip to your reservations without having to sit down at your computer. You don’t want to lose new business because you had to visit your garage or you were attending a trade show. The CoachRail app helps you keep your buses booked and busy from your phone or tablet.

Bid on trips from your phone with Lead Feed

3. You can work while still taking care of everyday tasks.

Sometimes you need to go to the doctor, take your dog to the groomer, or pick up your kids from school. That doesn’t mean you need to miss out on winning trips or keeping track of your business’s finances. Check your phone or tablet in the waiting room, the parking lot, or your living room.

You can even spend a day working from home while you wait on a package or a home repair. You’ll have all the critical information you need to manage your company, and you’ll still get to bid on trips. Working on the go lets you take care of your business and yourself at the same time.

Try the CoachRail Mobile App for Free

For more information on the CoachRail mobile app, visit our webpage and request a free demo. Our knowledgeable support staff will help you download the app and walk you through how to add all of your business-critical information to it. We’d love to show you how easy it is to work remotely and how it can help your business. Take a look at our website or give us a call at 1-844-733-4377 today!