We at CoachRail are very excited to announce the launch of our newest feature– LIVE bus tracking!

Live tracking is an exciting addition to CoachRail’s bus management software. Now, you can track each driver’s location in real-time as they progress through their trips.

How does it work?

Using the CoachRail app, drivers can mark their trips as “in progress” once they’ve departed from the pick-up location; then, the app will track their location as their trip progresses. You’ll be able to see where they are, when they stop, and how quickly they’re traveling.

view of coachrail software where companies can see where their bus is going

With our live tracking update, we’ve also added the ability for passengers to confirm pick-up and drop-off locations without having to contact your drivers. Again, we hope that this will reduce each driver’s need to use their smartphones while they should be driving, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

Finally, our live tracking feature also records and stores all route data. In the event of an audit or dispute, you’ll have all of your past trips recorded in your CoachRail software for easy access, with accurate location-specific data available for your reference.

How do I download this update?

No action is needed for you to download this update. Since CoachRail is 100% cloud-based, all updates are automatically added to your software. The next time you sign in to CoachRail, live tracking will be ready for you to use!

bus moves along image of map

How do I start using live tracking?

Click “Tracking” in the left navigation menu of your CoachRail software to view your current trips. There, you’ll see a map indicating the location of each bus. The map will update regularly to show each bus driver’s updated location as they travel.

What else can CoachRail do for me?

The possibilities are endless! CoachRail is an innovative bus management software that streamlines the way you manage your transportation business. Our goal is to help you enhance the way you operate your business without disrupting it.

CoachRail condenses all of your necessary business functions into one software, allowing you to keep up with every aspect of your transportation company in one place. You can manage upcoming trips, process payments, track current trips, and schedule future trips all while keeping up with drivers, passengers, and bus availability– all from one streamlined, easy-to-use platform.

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