We’re pleased to announce that CoachRail is making it easier than ever to accept new business opportunities for your charter bus business. 

Lead Feed, CoachRail’s newest feature, is populated with new, quality customer-requested trip opportunities every day. As a CoachRail subscriber, you can access trips around the nation, choose the best opportunities for you, and offer your services in a few easy clicks.

View the webinar to see more detail on Lead Feed, including a thorough demonstration.

How does Lead Feed work?

Lead Feed brings new opportunities to straight to you in your CoachRail application. Real, customer-defined trips which you can view and make offers for are populated directly to the app. To learn more about the functions and benefits of Lead Feed, read about how Lead Feed works for you.

How do I download this update?

You do not need to take any action to enjoy this update. CoachRail is 100% cloud-based, therefore all updates are automatically added to your software. Next time you sign in to CoachRail, Lead Feed will be available for you to use!

How do I start using Lead Feed?

Click “Lead Feed” in the left navigation menu of your CoachRail software to view all the trips available nationwide. There, you’ll see dozens of opportunities to offer your services for. Lead Feed will regularly populate with new trips as they are requested by customers.

What else can CoachRail do for me?

CoachRail is changing the way bus companies manage their transportation business. Our innovative fleet and business management tools help you to streamline your business operations and at the same time, grow and manage your travel business.

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to conveniently manage your quotes, reservations, drivers, and vehicles from your desktop computer or on the go.

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