CoachRail is constantly evolving to become the best bus management software for your growing fleet.  We’ve been working hard on some very exciting features, a few of which have been released this past August, and many others that are still in the works.  So look out for more to come next month!

Watch the August 2021 product spotlight video:

CoachRail Product Spotlight August 2021

Here’s a list of all of the updates we’ve made to our product in the last month:

Redesigned Reservations Overview Screen

Our goal is to put the power of your reservations data in your hands. Use our filters to quickly see important information like unpaid reservations, upcoming trips, reservations by driver, or vehicle.  You can even customize your view into a powerful dispatch table, saving you time and keeping your buses on track.  To accomplish this, we’ve redesigned and added some new columns to the Reservations Overview screen

Now you can search, sort, and filter by new columns such as Customer Account, First Pickup-Address, First Drop-off Address, Assigned Vehicle, and Assigned Driver.

reservations overview screen

New Recurrence Feature in Quotes

Recurring work is great for business but is not the easiest to quote.  We’ve solved this problem in CoachRail with our new Recurrence feature.  Using Recurrence, generating quotes for complex, contract-based trips can be done in minutes, giving you the best shot possible at winning profitable contracts.   

To use Recurrence, navigate to the Recurrence tab when creating a quote, and set the end date for the contract.  Add the recurring days using our preconfigured logic in the dropdown menu and let our technology do the work for you. 

trip recurrence quote feature

Printable Driver Sheets

While our goal is to make your life easier using technology, we realize that some of your drivers are slow to adopt new tech.  So we’re bringing you the best of both worlds with Printable Driver Sheets.  Having these available will provide your team with an additional layer of data, readily available for those who still prefer to have a hardcopy of trip itineraries.

To access printable driver sheets, simply go into a specific reservation’s detail screen and click on Actions > Driver Sheet, where you can print a PDF version of the trip’s itinerary. 

printable driver sheets

Customer-Specific Notes

CoachRail users now have the ability to track notes specific to any customer and retain important info that your entire team can see.  The information stored in our new Customer Notes section will get displayed internally during the quoting process, enabling you to provide excellent customer service in every interaction.  

To add a customer note, just navigate to a customer’s profile and click on the new CRM tab.  From here, you can make your notes, which will be visible in the customer section of the Quotes screen for you and your team.

customer specific notes


Customizable Invoices

Having the ability to customize invoices gives you the flexibility you need to tailor your customers’ experience.  In order to meet this need, we’ve revamped how invoicing works in CoachRail by allowing you to choose exactly what types of pages are important to send to a customer at any time.  For example, don’t need to resend the signature page?  No problem!  You can now choose not to send one.  

To customize your next invoice, navigate to Payments > Payment Actions > Invoice in a reservation’s detail screen, and use the checkboxes to include or remove specific pages before sending the invoice to your customer. 

customize invoices

Redesigned Payment Processing

Processing payments in CoachRail is now easier than ever.  Our newly redesigned checkout allows you to take payments faster and more accurately, and securely store your customers’ payment info for future use.  We’ve also made it seamless to connect your or Square accounts to process payments via our payment integrations, allowing you to manually charge credit cards on any reservation.

Navigate to Payment > Payment Actions > Collect Payment and enjoy the new, easier-to-use design.

collect payment