Busy season is upon us, and in all of the excitement, we know it’s likely that the last thing you need is another task on your to-do list. But taking a little time to get organized before the busy season hits at full force can save you time and a whole lot of stress down the road.

That’s why the CoachRail team created this series on surviving busy season. We put our heads together and came up with a few ideas that will help you work faster and more efficiently, so you don’t waste a single moment that could be spent helping customers, driving, or checking on your vehicles.

Why You Need All of Your Information in One Place

The first step to a successful busy season is gathering all of the essential information about your business in one place.

When a person or a bus is supposed to be two places at once, one of the trips will be dropped, and you’ll have to deal with unhappy customers demanding a refund. CoachRail isn’t the only place you can store all of this information, but it’s one of the easiest.

Our application (now available on desktop and mobile!) lets you save all of your essential garage, driver, and vehicle information to the cloud.

That means you don’t have to worry about going into the office to find out whether a vehicle has been dispatched or whether a driver is busy on Friday. You can just pull out your tablet or smartphone, pull up CoachRail, and find an answer to your question.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

It would be nice if issues like maintenance, license renewals, and drug testing took a break during busy season. But you know all too well that they don’t.

When you’ve got four trips booked in a single day, you don’t have time to deal with a driver’s license expiring or a minibus blowing a tire. You also don’t have time to stop by the office and dig through file folders so you can see which vehicles need maintenance or which drivers need to go through license renewal.

With CoachRail, all of that information is stored inside the app. Pull up CoachRail on your phone and check on your vehicle and driver notes while you’re in the yard, meeting with your employees, or even at home.

See something that you need to look into? Add a note in CoachRail so you have a constant reminder of what’s on your plate.

Avoid expensive and even illegal mistakes that can quickly turn a busy day into an overwhelming one, and keep your essential information on you at all times.

Adding Your Information

We’ve streamlined our interface so it’s easier and faster than ever to add your information to CoachRail. When you pull up the app, you’ll see a series of tabs on the side with labels like “Drivers,” “Vehicles,” and “Garages.”

Just click on the tab, hit the “Add New” button, and fill in the driver, garage, or bus information you want to add. Once you hit save, the information is stored in CoachRail and you can access it anywhere you have Internet. You can even assign drivers and vehicles to your upcoming trips. It’s that easy.

Learn More About How CoachRail Can Help During Busy Season

Our founder grew up in the charter bus and limo industry, so we know how overwhelming busy season can be. That’s why we want to help. CoachRail can store all of your essential information, but that’s not all. Our new features also help with dispatch, reservation management, tracking trips, and building quotes.

We’ll dive into all of that in the rest of the blogs in this series, but for now, make yourself a cup of coffee and spend an hour or two organizing all of your crucial driver, vehicle, and garage information. Once the chaos of busy season hits, you can take a deep, relaxing breath and know that you’re ahead of the game.