Let’s be real– running a transportation rental company is much harder than it sounds. Keeping up with multiple factors at once, from managing relationships with providers to keeping invoices organized, can prove to be a challenging task.

If you’re still relying on paper documents and dated programs to help manage aspects of your business, you could find yourself going to many places for information and ultimately missing out on the most efficient way to streamline your booking process and help your business grow.

If you still haven’t discovered the benefits of switching to a charter bus management software, now’s your chance. Make sure your final pick includes these functions in order to succeed:

1.   A platform that easily integrates all features

Your software should save you time and trouble, ultimately helping you meet your business goals and grow. Who has time to refer to various spreadsheets, emails, and documents when you’re running every aspect of your business? From answering customer inquiries, managing maintenance on your vehicles, handling payroll tasks, and more, it’s easier when everything is one place. For you to run your business in the most efficient way, you need a fleet management software that gives you information on your fleet, payment information, bookings, reporting, drivers, itineraries, partners, and more all at once.

CoachRail offers an integrated platform that combines all the essentials you need in one place. As soon as you log in, you’ll instantly see a comprehensive view of your business’s functions, saving you time and money. Without the need to sift through various document and emails to get what you need, you’ll have more time to focus on reaching new limits for your company.

2.   Easy to use for everyone

When you decide to finally decide to make the switch from your traditional management methods to a modern software, you’re not only thinking of yourself, but your employees. Most likely, your software will be used by multiple users across different departments, so it’s pertinent to pick something that’s intuitive to everyone.

While you may feel uneasy making the switch, CoachRail makes it easy to pick up exactly where you left off and offers the support you need for a seamless transition. Our platform integrates everything seamlessly, and we provide your team with proper training and insights to ensure everyone’s on the same page and you’re ready to get back to business.

3.   Real-time tracking

Gone are the days where you have to call in to check on your driver’s status or put out fires at the last minute. When you choose a charter bus management system, ensure it offers real-time tracking to get the most out of your money.

When you have so much to manage at once, it’s easy to lose track of operations. Avoid potential messes and keep track of how your business is running with CoachRail’s real-time tracking feature. See your daily schedule, what trips are happening that day, and which trips are coming up as soon as you log in. Keep track of where your vehicles are headed so you can foresee any upcoming delays and account for any unpredictable scenarios. You can have complete control over your fleet by seeing which trips are on time, which are running behind, which buses are currently in use, and how many buses are available.

4.   Customizable with a sophisticated design

When something looks organized with an appealing design, you automatically feel more productive and high-profile. Isn’t that something you want for your bus company? You want to use something that not only you and your employees would be proud to use, but you’d feel confident sharing with your clients. Instead of creating bland client-facing documents with dated templates, you should be able to rely on your management software to create beautiful documents that are consistently branded.

With a sleek design and intuitive controls, CoachRail offers this and more. With just one upload of your logo, all documents you present to clients will be delivered with consistent branding. CoachRail will work with your needs to provide personalized features to your specific software.

5.   Provides data at the tip of your fingers

It’s one thing to have an easier way to manage all your business functions. It’s another thing for your software to help maximize your profits. Your fleet management software should go beyond helping you stay organized, but offer you deep analytics and insights into your business.

CoachRail gives you the ability to see your business’s growth from month to month, which dates are the busiest so you can optimize pricing, and track spending and expenses. The better you know your business and how it runs, the better you can optimize and maximize your growth.

6.   Makes business run smoother

At the end of the day, a charter bus management software help your business run smoother. It should be the main component that holds all your processes together in one place so you and your employees can work together seamlessly.

More importantly, you need a software that works for your business and its specific needs, not the other way around. CoachRail knows the charter bus industry, giving our platform the advantage when it comes to building a platform that truly benefits how your business runs.

Are you ready to streamline your booking process? CoachRail can help. Request a special demo today with our team at 1-844-733-4377 and we’ll show you how the features will impact your business.