In today’s fast-paced digital business climate, running a bus company without a powerful, intuitive fleet reservation management system is nearly impossible. Staying competitive in the transportation industry requires adaptability and innovation, which is exactly what CoachRail provides to bus companies throughout the nation.


Not sure if your organization needs a more cutting-edge reservation management system? If you face any of the issues listed below, it’s a strong possibility you do:

1. You’re can’t track your fleet in real time

It can be tough keeping up with all of your buses when they’re headed to multiple places and are handled by a number of different operators. Without a personalized tracking tool, you’re left having to track your buses using programs such as Microsoft Excel, jotting down details by hand, and calling drivers to check in. Recording information via these methods can be tiresome and is prone to human error.

CoachRail’s simple, interactive user interface and cutting-edge tracking technology drastically simplify the fleet tracking process, giving users a real-time feed of every bus in your network. Find out where your buses are, when a trip has started, and when it’s been completed, all from your computer or mobile device.

2. You’re having difficulty collecting payments from clients

If you collect payment from your clients by sending them an invoice, a PDF, or statement, that may not be the fastest or easiest way to collect payment from your clients, especially if they’re more prone to using mobile devices and going paperless.

CoachRail’s automated payment platform gives your clients the ability to submit payments online with minimal effort. Using our one-of-a-kind eCheck feature and an encrypted payment processor, clients can submit payments securely and quickly.

3. You need a unified platform for all of your employees to use

When you’ve got a team that operates from a number of different locations, it’s important to have a streamlined system for everyone to log into. Keeping your team on the same page is nearly impossible when the only method for communication and tracking trips is via phone and email.

CoachRail makes it simple for your team to stay connected to office operations, thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust software functionality. With backend pages that aggregate your referrals, customer information, affiliates, drivers, trips, and everything else, your team can log in and find any information they’re looking for with the click of a button.  

4. You’re having trouble consolidating your clients’ information

Handling a high volume of clients is no easy task, especially when you’re farming out their leads. Operating without a streamlined trip tracking system makes it nearly impossible to efficiently manage your partners’ bookings and scheduled trips.

CoachRail’s affiliate management system makes it simple to keep track of all of your clients, their referrals, and their upcoming trips. Everything is consolidated onto a unified, intuitive page layout, so you can quickly find any client or partner information you’re looking for.

5. You need more online accessibility

In the internet age, it’s pertinent that you give your clients the ability to access their booking information and tracking details online. Without a web-based tool that keeps all information secure, you’re stuck writing down client information that is not necessarily kept in a secure place.

CoachRail allows your clients to connect from anywhere in the world and check for updates around the clock. Our platform’s 24/7 accessibility gives you the freedom to run your business from anywhere, at any time.

Upgrade Your Organization’s Operations Today

In the high-speed, technologically-based world we live in, your business needs to operate with the tools and software to keep up. If you’re ready to transform the way you book trips and manage your fleet, contact CoachRail today at 1-844-733-4377 for a free demo.