Keep your buses booked and busy with CoachRail.

CoachRail is a cloud-based transportation management solution that removes the hassle of managing and growing
your fleet.

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All-in-one software for coach operators

Replace your outdated fleet management software with CoachRail, an easy-to-use, cloud-based transportation management solution.

Know Where Your Drivers Are on the Road

With real-time fleet tracking technology, you can closely follow each of your buses in motion. 

Earn More Leads & Opportunities

With Lead Feed, CoachRail’s tool for generating more leads, you can view and offer quotes for trip opportunities.

Create, edit, and send quotes in seconds

Use CoachRail’s quoting tool and built-in company rates calculator to quickly estimate quotes.


Stay Connected to Your Business

Dispatch your vehicles and keep up with itinerary and payment information

More Features

Deliver a Better Experience

CoachRail works with a broad network of bus rental companies, bus brokers, and resellers to bring you the largest selection of potential long-term clients. Use our platform to expose your brand to multiple markets and ensure that you’re keeping as many buses booked as possible. As long as you’re booking through your CoachRail software, your inventory will stay busy.

With CoachRail you can manage your long-term contracts with ease, making it possible to sign more clients than ever before. Open the door to potential agreements with airlines, military organizations, government agencies, and more with access to our extensive network of potential passengers.


Like it should be. Simple.

CoachRail pricing is configured to meet the needs of any size organization. A flexible pricing model allows your company to benefit from the features your company requires. Pro level solutions are designed for medium to large organizations that require added integration solutions.

  • No per user fees
  • No hidden fees
  • No contract fees
  • Cancel anytime

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